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News: Uniform Ties & Company Logo Ties

Article Date(s):04/15/2016

Most businesses around the world adhere to industry representatives in their high-level professional company uniform policy. From the emergency services, department stores, small businesses catering, uniforms help these institutions and companies to stand out in the crowd. Design your tie, your company must create a custom tie uniform different from other opportunities for themselves in the same industry!

100% fashion woven silk tie for men

From the design of your company tie can be customized to the smallest detail with the logo, colors and patterns woven or printed tie required. With fabrics including silk, satin, polyester or other choice, uniform neckties will have the look and feel you want. Additionally, you can request a sample of Comparative fabric of choice, and get first-hand look at our quality. Our standard custom tie measuring about 57 inches long and have a width of 3.75 inches, you must modify the dimensions to fit your vision of choice.

When you start to design your own uniform ties, our team of designers will work closely with you to capture the exact look you are looking for a computer-generated artwork. If you have your company contact person prototype, we will be happy to accept your work done during the manufacturing process off work. In addition, the design of your tie are available from Pantone solid coated or uncoated guide PMS color number, to get the game into your wardrobe desired option (S). If you need some inspiration and design inspiration, to see if we are filled with too much work done custom tie combination.

100% silk fabric for tie custom logo

Starting today fill out and submit our design form design unified relationship. If you have any questions about the design process, or any general questions about the company contact, do not hesitate to contact us at jinchan.shi@reachingkayo.com.