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News: Cultural Ideas

Article Date(s):03/15/2016

Zhejiang ReachingKAYO textile & garment Co.,Ltd concept of corporate 

Culture entrepreneurship: efficient, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative

Philosophy: people-oriented

Enterprise Mission: quality of survival, efficiency and development

Enterprise policy: first-class quality, first-class service

Enterprise style: strict, detailed, real, fast

Strict: strict system, strict management and strict discipline, rigorous 

style of work, strict examination, self-discipline, seriousness, curried, 


Detailed: Working attentive, courteous service, comprehensive and accurate, 

patient and meticulous, comprehensive, the whole process, no dead ends.

Real: Working deeds, stressing performance, seek practical, down to earth 

and realistic. Not fraud, not engage in formalism.

Fast: rapid response, immediate action, a highly efficient, not buck, no 

passing, no drag, today, today completed.

Business philosophy: uphold the integrity, excellence, quality first, 

eager to innovate, to create a win-win situation honest and trustworthy, 

excellence, hard work, and woe.