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News: Tie Fabric Introduction

Article Date(s):04/26/2016

1. Tie Fabric Classification:

Generally tie fabtic?can be divided into general silk woven neckties, silk printed neckties, polyester woven ties, polyester printed ties (anti silk). With the emergence of new products, now there have been some wool + silk, or 50% polyester + 50% silk tie. But conventional fabric tie is still fashion. Those called South Korean polyester yarn, in fact, is just some of the domestic business. It is called in the export block is 100% polyester.

2. Tie Lining Category:

Tie interlining can be divided into four sub-categories, polyester lining, grapefruit silk lining, wool lining, wool or silk + polyester blends grapefruit. Tie should have been all made with polyester lining and durable, but also for characteristics tie.?

3. Tie Fabric Identification:

Silk ties and polyester tie is now due to improved post-processing techniques, some can not touch or visually looked distinguished. There is generally some differences between two methods to burn. You usually can dig out the tie head inside a little bit of fabric to stitch, burned with a lighter. It can clearly to form lumps is polyester. Silk is turned into powder. This is the widespread idea and relatively simple Methods. Note that only the first thread can be burned and it would be very bad to burn the tie!

4. Interlining Difference:

Usually by eyes, polyester lining is white. Grapefruit silk lining, usually black or dark yellow. Wool lining, usually yellow. If you still can not distinguish the difference, then you can use the tie fabric in the same manner. The principle is the natural raw material encountered fire becomes carbon, so more environmentally friendly natural fabrics.